Mom Talk

To be a woman in a man’s world is tough. But in every field Indian women have shown their talent and shown they can be tough too. From being a home maker to a pilot, the sky is the limit for Indian women. In the male dominated corporate corridors of India, women have still been able to make their mark. Till five years ago, people used to say, “If you are trying to balance a career and a family in today’s industry, it’s a little difficult to do that because it is such a demanding industry.” But now we can say that women are juggling their professional and personal lives perfectly. But smart work, dedication and the ability to adapt has changed all this. If in spite of all these factors, if women are able to succeed, it is because of absolute determination. Time English Training Academy is proud to be a part of the movement.
This English package designed especially for housewives to enable them to utilize their free time constructively by learning English and further developing her capabilities and talents.
The Training Package comes in Two steps.
The HOUSE-1 and The HOUSE-2

Duration : 2 Months
Course Fee : Rs. 3600/- only.
(Inclusive of Service Tax)


  • Articles or Determiners
  • Introduction to Grammar & Part of Speech
  • Usage of Be-forms Positive & Negative
  • Yes/No Beforms and Wh. Questions
  • Tenses
  • Behavioural words (Modals)
  • Conjunctions
  • Let, Permit,Allow
  • Passive Voice
  • Passive infinitive And Modal Passive
  • Indirect Speech
  • Conversational Tips.
  • Letter writing /Letter of Complaint
  • Job applications / Covering Memo / RESUME


  • Saying Hello/good Bye
  • About me in short
  • About me in detail
  • Saying about Family/people
  • Effective Vocabulary
  • Talking about your town
  • Places
  • Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Talking about your daily activity
  • Now,Later,Then
  • Expressing Time
  • Expressing Gratitude
  • Expressing Sorry
  • Saying Yes/no, Directions /Instructions
  • Conversation at Shopping
  • Visiting Hotel
  • Conversation @ Railway station/Bus stop/ Air port.
  • Telephonic Talk.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Saying about your location.