Spoken English Training academy/soft skills training


Training Provided:

Minimum 15 Working Days, Training includes Induction programmes for new Channel Partners and their staff; Faculty and Counselor training and certification; Sales and marketing training periodically; Ongoing training on new products


Marketing Support:

Essentially local business development support is provided. We help our partners in planning events, seminars and other college level activities. Support to design fliers, leaflets, banners etc. as well as content for these is also provided.


Why should I select this field only?

*Nearly 14 crore students know how to read and write but they cannot speak English (ready market)

*Total English language market is worth of Rs.15,000 millions.


Agreement Terms:

3 Years


Investment Required:

  • Rs. 2.5-4 Lacs depending on the City/Region
  • 1000 – 1500 sq.ft. Area in the main commercial centre of the town/city (own or rented), easily accessible by bus or local train.
  • Franchisee must be in the age group of 28-45 years.
  • A well furnished front office and 3 fully equipped classrooms of 250 sq.ft. each.
  • Staffs like, faculty, counselor, office boy.
  • Good administrative skills and committed
  • Promise of breaking even in 6 to 9 months depending on the location.
  • Low investment.
  • Good ROI.


Qualifications Required:

Entrepreneurship Skills, Business Sense and a Creative Mind make the perfect combination to succefully run a Time English Training Academy Franchisee.