Essential English

This course is very much essential for the students who are poor in reading, creating words, making sentences or who have studied in Kannada / Marathi / Hindi / Urdu medium. This is the Basic English course for the people who want to learn the basics of English like word building, making sentences, learning grammar and basic vocabulary with simplified methods.


  • TIME T-Shirt
  • TIME Executive Bag
  • TIME Manual
  • TIME Note Book
Duration : 1 Month
Course Fee : Rs 2000/- only.
(Inclusive of Service Tax)
The Training Programme comes as basic English.
  • Alphabets – Vowels & Consonants

  • The Rhyming alplabets / Phonetic alphabets

  • Word building : Two, Three, Four -Letter

  • combination common words.

  • Common punctuation

  • Numbers ( Singular / Plural)

  • Names of Animals

  • Names of places

  • Family Relationship

  • Tenses

  • Articles

  • Time Words

  • Shapes

  • Instructions