Effective English

In this world every person wants success and money because these are important factors in our life. have you ever thought about effective ways to further build up your career by giving your professional status in life a new spin ?
In a world which has truly become a global village, the youngsters today find it challenging to make the right choice among the millions of career opportunities abounding today.
Effective English course is designed to tackle the problem of speaking English fluently. This special course is for the people who know how to read and write, but they are unable to express fluently in English.


The Training Programme comes in two steps.
Duration : 2 Months

Course Fee : Rs. 3600/- only.
(Inclusive of Service Tax)


Ladder 1.

  • Articles or Determiners

  • Introduction to Grammar & Parts of Speech

  • Usage of Be-forms Positive & Negative

  • Yes/No Beforms and Wh. Questions

  • Tenses

  • Behavioural words (Modals)

  • Conjunctions

  • Let, Permit,Allow

  • Passive Voice

  • Passive infinitive And Modal Passive

  • Indirect Speech

  • Conversational Tips.

  • Letter writing /Letter of Complaint

  • Job applications / Covering Memo / RESUME

Ladder 2.

  • Saying Hello/Good Bye

  • About me in short

  • About me in detail

  • Saying about company/organisation

  • Effective Vocabulary

  • Talking about you and your interest

  • Places

  • Presentation Skills Workshop

  • Talking about your daily activity

  • Present. Past Future

  • Expressing Time

  • Expressing Gratitude

  • Expressing Sorry

  • Saying Yes

  • Directions /Instructions

  • Conversation at Shopping

  • Visiting Hotel

  • Conversation at Railway station/Bus stop/ Air port.

  • Dialogue Mode

  • How to create a story.

  • Conveying the messages

  • Group Discussions.

  • Mock Interview